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E-book Review - Reflections In Grey


Nicoletta Georgio: Clinical Psychologist, M.A.

Robert Cracknell in "Reflections in Grey" presents an extraordinary attempt to reexamine the big issues in life -death, religion, love, war - in a somewhat different light. Drawing from different scientific disciplines, but also using his own knowledge as acquired through his "different" experiences, he manages to puzzle the reader and indeed make us wonder as to what we have been considering as facts up to now.
This book can only be thought of as contemporary philosophy, suggesting that scientific thought is only one way to understand and explain things. The writer invites his readers to think "out of the box" since important truths might have been missed and can be found out there.
"Reflections in Grey" is a guide for everyone who is searching for meaning, in a confusing reality where values have been lost and truth is constructed to fit purposes.  However, even in this context, Robert Cracknell avoids presenting the reader with what he has found to be true and invites everyone to reach their own conclusions drawing from their personal journey through this life.
Being a psychologist, taught and trained to think in strictly scientific terms, I found this book to be pure food for thought.

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