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The Maryland Sniper Case


In September and October of 2002 America was waking up to the shocking news that a sniper was roaming the Maryland area, shooting and killing indiscriminately. Cracknell, though aware of the news during his retirement on the island of Cyprus, was not involved.
Not, that is, until 20th October, when he received a somewhat terse e-mail from one Cathy McConnell. It read, "Is there any insight you can provide the F.B.I. on this case?" There was nothing to indicate that it had come from the F.B.I. themselves and Cracknell's immediate reaction was one of indifference as he felt there was no need to become involved.

Left: Convicted D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

But as with all enquiries or requests for his assistance he did respond, initially as a matter of courtesy to explain that he was retired and really did not wish to become involved, but as he began to send the e-mail he had a sudden psychic flash. And on October 23rd he replied as under: 'Yes, I am aware of the sniper's activities in the States. Obviously it is just a news item on this small island but that does not reduce the magnanimity of the situation.

Normally when I get involved in a case like this I find it preferable to be 'on the ground', so to speak. My impressions, however, are that the perpetrator is not acting alone and is not an American citizen of long standing. An arrest is imminent.' The following day an arrest was made, as Cracknell had predicted. It clearly revealed that the perpetrator, who was of Jamaican origin, was assisted by another person, also of Jamaican origin. If only all cases could be solved so easily! Not that Cracknell lays claim to solving the case. He didn't want to get involved as he knew it was soon to be resolved.

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