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The Janie Shepherd Case


This was, once again, a murder that captured the attention of the British public.
Janie Shepard was an Australian girl, in her early 20's, whose murdered body was found in the back of her red Mini car in a desolate area of Hertfordshire. Police investigations had revealed no clues or answers.  The information issued by them had been that there seemed to be no motive for the killing.  Janie was a normal, happy young woman, not known to be promiscuous.

Some weeks after the murder, a journalist, on another matter, was interviewing Cracknell.  During the course of his interview the journalist asked him if he had any views on the Janie Shepard case.  Cracknell replied that he was puzzled by the fact that she was considered to be apparently innocent and not promiscuous.  He had a definite impression of an I.U.D. coil (birth control device worn internally) lying on the back seat of the red Mini.  He felt she must have gone into the back seat of the car quite willingly, for sexual purposes.

The reporter left, but later telephoned Cracknell, stating that he had approached Scotland Yard's Press Office.  They had categorically denied that any such device had been found.  Cracknell, however, insisted this was not true. A few hours later, Cracknell received a telegram, urgently requesting him to contact the journalist.  On doing so he was told that he had been visited by officers from the Murder Squad, who stated that the coil was in fact found on the back seat - and in their opinion, only the murderer would know this.
Despite his attempts to protect his source of information, and to prevent his own arrest, he finally gave Cracknell's name as his informant.
His reason for contacting Cracknell was to inform him that officers from the Murder Squad were on their way to arrest him!
A few hours later, two officers from the Murder Squad did indeed visit Cracknell's home, to interview him.  It was a comparatively simple matter to convince them of his true identity and profession.  They then asked if, subject to official sanction, he would assist them in their enquiries.  Cracknell then, in a flash of psychic intuition, told the Police officers that there was nothing further he could do as the murderer was already in prison. He described him as being black, with a scar on his cheek.  He felt he was currently serving a prison sentence for rape.
The police then left and Cracknell heard nothing further from them.
It was some seven years later when a black man with a scar on his cheek was arrested at the prison gates (having served seven years for rape) and charged with the murder of Janie Shephard. He was subsequently found guilty.
Cracknell's uncanny psychic ability in this case has yet to be explained scientifically.  Yet, without leaving the confines of his home, or becoming actively involved, he solved a murder - despite nearly being arrested as a suspect.

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