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The Genette Tate Case


In 1978 a young girl, Genette Tate, literally disappeared off the face of the earth. All that was found was her bicycle, lying in the middle of a country road in Aylesbeare, Devon.
This caught the imagination of the general public and thousands of volunteers searched this rural area for days, but without success.

At the time, Cracknell was on holiday some sixty miles away, in Cornwall. He telephoned his old friend, Colin Wilson, and arranged to visit him. Colin asked if Cracknell had heard of the disappearance, stating that it was causing quite a stir.

Cracknell had not, being in a remote part of the country, but he gave Wilson his immediate impressions. As a result of this, Wilson approached the Police. Det. Superintendent Crabbe, the officer in charge, officially requested Cracknell’s involvement. Cracknell travelled to the area, and was informed by the Police that they were mystified. The girl’s background was a perfectly normal one, living in a happy-go-lucky environment; that there were no obvious problems and they were a very close-knit family.

Cracknell, like so many other psychics who had volunteered information, stated that the girl was dead. The Police gave him free rein to interview the family and, as a result, Cracknell told them they were totally wrong in their assessment of Genette’s background. She was not in a happy family environment. She was very distressed and had been subjected to sexual abuse by her father.

The father was subsequently interviewed and finally confessed to this. But he seemingly had an alibi at the time of her disappearance.
To Cracknell’s astonishment, the Police did not charge the father – stating that in doing so they would lose the public’s support (many hundreds of people were still searching the area on a daily basis). Also, if Cracknell’s information and the father’s confession were made known, people would jump to the wrong conclusion. Sadly, the girl’s body has never been discovered.

Some years later, THE NEWS OF THE WORLD hired Cracknell to reopen the case. As a result of the father knowing of this development, he himself went to a rival newspaper, THE SUNDAY PEOPLE, and publicly confessed to sexually abusing, not only his missing daughter, Genette, but also his stepdaughter. He continued to insist that he did not murder or assist in the girl’s disappearance. To date, the case remains unsolved. Yet, without Cracknell’s uncanny ability, these sordid facts would never have been revealed.

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