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The Eddie Kent Case


In June 1970, Kevin McClure was the president of the Society of Psychic Research at Oxford University.  It was he who invited Bob to lecture at the University, and devised the now famous 'chair test' in which Cracknell scored the highest ever rating with 80% accuracy. McClure and Cracknell remained friends - even for some years after McClure had left the University.

One day, Cracknell received a telephone call from him. He was in an extremely distressed state.  He told Cracknell that a colleague of his had been murdered the previous evening.  Cracknell immediately replied that his colleague had been murdered as a result of a homosexual relationship.  McClure told him that, to his knowledge, his colleague was not homosexual.  However, Cracknell insisted that it was so, and went on to state that he had an impression of a location - describing a street and emphasizing the number 27, which would be easily identified by a distinctive and newly painted green front door.

The only impression he could give regarding the address was that it was near (or round) a park.  Because McClure had had personal knowledge of and respected Cracknell's ability, he gave the police this information.  Some three days later he telephoned Cracknell to say that he could now confirm his colleague was homosexual and an arrest was made, as a result of this.  The address was in fact number 27 Overpark Drive. The colour of the front door was green.

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