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idely acknowledged as Britain's number one psychic detective by the public, the authorities and his own peers, Robert P. Cracknell's impressive 35 year-old investigative casework delves into the darkest recesses of the human and criminal psyche.


Abused and tormented as a lonely war child separated from his mother, and never knowing his father, Cracknell's desperate search for survival and emotional succour unlocked the psychic gateways and the genie was very much out the bottle. The painful voyage of psychic and personal discovery had begun. Cracknell suffered a nervous psychic breakdown which cut short his military service in the RAF. His psychic abilities had simply developed beyond his current understanding and capacity to control them. Cracknell made a physically fruitful yet mentally barren marriage of misunderstanding.

Then came the final emergence as the honed psychic adept from the nurturing chrysalis under the guidance of aged masters of the psychic and spiritual arts...


Cracknell's extraordinary gritty upbringing and heritage 'set him apart from, and at odds with, many of his psychic colleagues', who traditionally credited their abilities to an outside force, be it extraterrestrial or of the spirit world. Cracknell lambasted his peers for disclaiming personal responsibility for their psychic actions. June 1970 - Receives international acclaim. Achieves 80 percent accuracy rating under test conditions at Society of Psychic Research, Oxford University.

Cracknell established his own investigation company and put his unique abilities to work in what he described as "the physical reality, the world we must all ground


ourselves in before we can truly explore the psychic reality."  Cracknell maintains that psychic abilities are inherent and usually dormant, but can be enhanced. They are the missing sixth sense that mankind has been forced to suppress by the advent of established religious orthodoxy.

As the established religious orthodoxies begin to weaken and crumble, 'the New Age generation are now searching to rediscover' the sixth sense, and with it, 'regain its own sense of purpose', and identity within the materialistic ethos. The world-wide upsurge in New Age charlatans forced Cracknell out of his spiritual five-year sabbatical on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Cracknell writes in his new book, ''The Psychic 'Reality' - "Unless we are very careful, the possible advances in the understanding of the psychic faculty could be buried by a cynical public and scientific backlash against the con men and the misguided amateurs exploiting and dabbling in this field of investigation.


"The psychic reality is a discipline, a profession, that I have devoted the better part of my life to. I am not prepared to see charlatans and psychobabble merchants drag it back into the mire of misunderstanding, just when mankind has a real chance of making practical and revolutionary progress in this field. "If it becomes necessary to publicly challenge and expose the fakes, I will not shirk my responsibility. "I want to make the psychic reality, where the two disciplines work together for the betterment of mankind"


Takes on a string of high-profile investigation cases throughout the 1970s and 1980s, receives FBI training and accreditation as a law enforcement officer, was a member of the International Association of Auto-Theft Investigation (IAATI) and the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) and eventually is dubbed Britain's number one psychic detective.

Major cases:

Eddie Kent murder (solved).
Genette Tate disappearance (provides crucial leads for police).
Janie Sheperd murder (solved but psychic abilities made him murder suspect. Later featured in Daily Mail article).
Yorkshire Ripper (predicted details of last murder and method and time of capture. Had earlier taken journalist to the very road where the killer lived).
Gaby Mearth millionairess kidnap (solved).

The cases are featured in every major national newspaper/TV/radio medium. In '1981' Cracknell's 'Clues to the Unknown' autobiography is published with foreword by renowned author and personal friend Colin Wilson. Cracknell features in many Colin Wilson books. Cracknell relocates to Cyprus in 1990 to enjoy a spiritual sabbatical and begin work on 'The Casebook of a Psychic Detective'.

A British newspaper article updating and crediting Cracknell blows his anonymity and he is once more besieged with requests for help from all over the world. After solving the Stable Arson case and leading an island-wide missing child hunt. Cracknell commits himself to passing on his knowledge via "The Psychic Reality" and psychic development seminars and open forums.

Has written four books, his latest  'Reflections In Grey' receiving critical acclaim.
The challenge is issued. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Robert Cracknell intends to aid as many people as he is able down the road of psychic self discovery, and to help them avoid the painful, lonely journey he was forced to undertake to discover and enhance his own abilities.

Bob finds Gabby Mearth and is present at her release

Cracknell is not a guru, and will only reluctantly allow himself to be described as a teacher. But he does have the most extraordinary knowledge and understanding of the psychic field of investigation, and he now accepts it is his duty and responsibility to pass on that knowledge to the new generation.



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