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Welcome to the site of Robert Cracknell, hailed by many, including prominent sections of the media worldwide as

"The UK's Number One Psychic Detective"


Having worked alongside various police agencies, both through his company Vigil Investigations Ltd and as an independent psychic detective, Robert has helped solve numerous cases, from simple missing persons to fraud, kidnapping and murder.

Robert's greatest achievement was his involvement with one of the most feared individuals in UK history, The Yorkshire Ripper.
Robert's predictions on the case were recorded at a luncheon to discuss his autobiography with publishers Hamlyns and the renowned author Colin Wilson. These predictions proved 100% accurate!

This website is essentially a show case revealing some of the work and psychic investigations that Robert Cracknell has been involved in over a 40 year period.

Robert has always adhered to his own personal philosophy and to a simple premise, which is that he is not 'gifted' or 'special'. He believes firmly that we all possess the psychic faculty, and he is always prepared to help others to realise this. Robert receives daily communications from around the world, requesting his thoughts, feelings and psychic impressions on personal issues. Many psychics  are available and will ask for considerable fees for such a service. For this reason Robert will not be associated with this questionable aspect of the psychic and does not indulge in what are known as private readings.

On this site you can read the outlines of some of his more publicised investigations and of course, you may also purhase Robert's popular E-books and Meditation audio file at just 5 Euro each.


Did You Know? Robert Cracknell is just
one of the world-renown advisors to the
Journal Of Anomalous Sciences!

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